1. To undertake research, studies, instruct, train, publish materials in order to develop and promote Bible recital activities for the achievement of social transformation.
  2. To study collected information critically with expert help and offer reflections, suggestions, comments and alternative approaches that can lead to social transformation through Bible recital activities.
  3. To engage in all national and international activities that concern Bible recital for social transformation.
  4. To explore ways in which religious activities including, inter alia, Bible recital activities can be more effective to public value and instrumental in the moral reconstruction of the nation and/or society.
  5. To document realities in the society arising out of negative social influences on the children and the youth in the society from the grassroots level through fieldwork and the impact of Bible recital activities in influencing children’s internal messaging for guidance throughout life.
  6. To take an active part in responding to the conflict between parental desire to provide for their children while at the same time being present for them.
  7. To offer support to the limited Church time for children on a given Sunday through bible recital activities undertaken on other days of the week.
  8. To train children and youth on Christian based life skills through discipleship;
  9. To promote, encourage and develop Christian leadership skills among the youth through training and Christian mentorship.
  10. To support, cooperate and collaborate with solidarity groups and other organizations and individuals locally, regionally and internationally who promote the ideas and objects of the Trust.